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Thread: effect of co-op's score on level of competition in next regatta

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    effect of co-op's score on level of competition in next regatta

    Does your co-op's performance in a regatta effect how strong your competition will be in the next regatta?

    The leader of my co-op thinks that if you come first in your regatta by a huge margin, then you will be placed in a more competitive group for the next regatta, compared to being placed in a less competitive group if you come first by a narrow margin.

    I always thought that your starting time was the only factor determining which group you ended up in. Are there other factors, like past performance, etc.?


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    I don’t find that past performance makes a difference, but others may think differently.
    Ioften race alone and usually finish Tuesday or Wednesday.
    I always finish in the top three and more often than not in first.

    As each team can achieve the same amount of points I don’t see how to get a large margin, except to finish first a long time before the other teams do, but I don’t think that would make a difference, it doesn’t seem to for me, whether alone or with a team. Not sure if it would make a difference for those on the GLB board.

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