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Thread: Regatta reserve task exclamation

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    Regatta reserve task exclamation

    You should make the exclamation point showing a task has been reserved for a regatta red or something more noticeable. A lot of the reserved tasks get taken by other members of my regatta because they either didn't notice the exclamation point or didn't see it. Maybe make the whole square red? Or somehow make it where anyone other than the one that reserved it can't take it. I don't know, but something needs to be done about this ASAP! Thanks!

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    Hi bhowlett, Welcome to the forum.

    For me I don’t understand how anyone can take a reserved task unknowingly.
    When one tries to take it a pop up warns it is reserved and asks if you really want it. So you have the exclamation mark and the warning.

    This has been discussed before and never been acted on, however that could be because the devs or Admin haven’t seen it.
    But to be fair to the devs, the players maybe should take some responsibility for their actions.
    Truth is..we rush and make mistakes.

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