I once loved this game was a part of the groups but a group is suppose to support you in the best of the game help with the worse parts not make it harder so i will say this i am a leader of the Newly Found Roysl'd I have put their needs ahead of mine time and time again , Even when the team seemed like we were not coming back because of one players choice that the consequences was severe it took almost the royals out so one why is that restriction button to co-leaders a leader should have it only and kicking players out only a leader should be able to do this 4 u have to see the work and they deserve to be a co-leader but they are not a leader and many should never be so one this should be a leader buttons two communication is huge so there should be another board besides the game board where decisions can be made and request r not moved off the game board. Now i was told to put this in sorry i have no hope in any changes from you guys but the royals almost didn't exist after the day one kicked 23 players restricted all but 5 , and i have to say they have faith in their selvs and the team an d me