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Thread: Task recovery option

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    Task recovery option

    Once again I have deleted my personal task refreshing board for team. Could we please please please get a task recovery not for the board but for accidentally deleted tasks. I spend a lot of tc to help my team and I hate that I lose 135 points because of accidental errors. This is twice now this season for us didn't happen to just me... When scores are calculated by how fast and dumping from board, why can't we recover our own accepted tasks? It could be offered from the list of completed tasks and only until it is completed or another task is completed to prevent people from preserving tasks that way... Plz plz plz think about it.
    Thank you.

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    If I understand you, I’m assuming you mean to recover timed out tasks.
    But fir me this is a competition, and therefore a task shouldn’t be taken if you are unable to complete it.
    I understand that mistakes happen, I’ve done it myself lol, but in any competition you pay the price.

    If you mean you have lost a task due to deleting it from the board, usually another will replace it, so you don’t really lose anything.

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    I think the OP is saying they were "cleaning the board" by deleting non-135 (or other unacceptable) tasks and accidentally dumped the one they were actively working on, i.e., the one they "started".

    Cuddz, as you've said in another post today, when we rush we make mistakes. The trash can is a different color when you're "dumping" tasks from the board, it's Blue. When you are going to "dump" your own active task it's Red. And there is a popup asking if you are sure you want to do it. Sometimes you have to just be careful.

    Unfortunately, *everybody's* done this at one time or another, it's as common as "Starting" as low value task instead of "Dumping" it. We've all done it at least once and learn to be more careful as a result. The OP can use this as a "teachable moment".

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