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Thread: Is this cheating?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dnana1 View Post
    Haha, I read a lot of it but missed this! Going back over it now!
    Good idea - you'll find also some good hints re the market and the dealer, f.e. posts # 23 + 29 on page 3
    Just the Wiki is something you still have to bookmark additionally and learn how to navigate there, lol.

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    If it is cheating they would have closed it long ago, like using the dealer coupons multiple times gave us the 60% off offer. It's not saving us anything except time

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    Techniques that make racing faster isn't cheat, since race is going faster with your own t cash or with being ready before the regatta begins, it's just like people who pays t cash to make plane or train come back faster, race is about go faster so this ain't cheat, this called smart racing✔

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    As for heli not cheating. I would never have got achievement profile pic.😘

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