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Thread: does xp transfer from factory to factory?

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    Quote Originally Posted by specialj501 View Post
    I meant when I sell the product, does the game know what was produced in the factory & what was bought in market
    The game doesn't track how we acquire the products. They can come from production, HoL, market, Rajah, coop request. But, like the others said, we have no proof anymore that we are getting anything at all since they changed the system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuddz View Post
    Yes I remember when they changed that.
    But I question whether they actually give us any extra XP after upgrading the factories, or at least how it is calculated, given that orders for helis vary so much yet can have the same return of XP.

    Exactly Mayfield, my thoughts exactly. I think they did get rid of the multiplier.
    I have no experience with what it was like before the change. But, I have been able to recognize the increase in xp for items on my heli orders, simply, because I'm upgrading that factory right now and 2 weeks ago orders with those components were considerably less xp. I agree that you can't really tell (which is why I came here to ask) but I'm just in the unique position, right now, where I can notice it changing as the xp is increased on that factory.

    Also, good to know it isn't transferable/stackable (I would have preferred it was but it's fine) because I was contemplating giving more attention to textiles so it would add on for the tailor orders. Now that I understand it does not add on, I have a better plan for where I will focus my attention.

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    So, I would like to make a request. Can some people share how much xp you're offered on a heli order with items from the tailor factory? I am curious what would be considered typical, for an order with these items. I know it can vary. Mine tend to vary between 600+xp to 900+xp, depending on other items included. One I get often is approximately 850xp for an order with a t-hat (feather), key lime pie, suit. Is this comparable with others, higher, lower...?


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    So, I just read something in another thread, regarding duck feathers and banana bread, and it's got me thinking. It was mentioned that, perhaps, some of the "rare drop" changes (ie. colored feathers, number of ducks, etc.) have been made as an adjustment for regattas, in order to keep them challenging (no one knows, but this was mentioned in speculation).

    I have considered, perhaps, the upgrades to factories, where xp is increased, are no longer being shown, because they fluctuate, depending on whether there's a side event. I recall people saying that with the 33% xp boost weekends they sometimes have problems with leveling up too quickly for their barn upgrade supplies to keep up. I'm wondering if the factory xp upgrades are adjusted so that during events, where you're inclined to be more active (and gain xp faster as a result), the xp boost on factories is decreased so a player won't gain too much xp too quickly.

    I've been observing the varying amounts of xp offered on my heli orders, with items from my tailor (this is the only one I've upgraded a lot for xp), and I have noticed huge differences in these same requests during some recent events. For example, during the mining event, before I did anything to qualify (I waited for several days to start) I was getting tailor product orders around 900 xp regularly. Then, after I used my mining tools up, I noticed those same orders offering considerably less (around 600-700). I also have been having my trains asking for many things (as in multiple boxes asking for 4+ hour products) that take forever to make (and this was not typical for my game), if not made ahead of time. I thought that it had to do with the dealer, but now I'm wondering if it's not all intertwined in the game's algorithm so that you don't level up too quickly (and it doesn't become too easy).

    I would prefer more transparency with these things, as I want to make plans for my game play, and I really dislike having agency taken away by an algorithm. But it's interesting to observe.

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