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Thread: Building materials and building tools

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    Building materials and building tools

    It's kind absurd the amount of building materials needed to finish zoo enclosures when you have to trade them for tools to build public buildings in your city... I cannot finish neither one of them because building materials came in a very small quantity, I have about 6 or 7 zoo enclosures to start building and 5 waiting for almost 100 bricks and 100 glasses and 100 cement blocks.... come on, this is ridiculous, I love this game for years and I'm almost quiting playing 😣

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    Duaine Beale
    I agree that it’s too much. I have had zoo buildings that need finishing for at least a month. Think I have like 6 buildings lol. I play every day for long periods.

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    Making it a challenge to complete buildings, whether in the zoo or in your town, I think keeps the game interesting. If buildings were too easy to finish I’m sure you’d get bored quickly. Deciding on priorities is all part of the game plan. I’d rather be challenged than finish things too fast. You’ll get there in the end!

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    I get very frustrated...higher LVs I always lack one expansion tool or one building material, but over amounts of the rest...Me and My Co-Op would like to suggest maybe being able to request expansion tools and building materials within our Co-Op???? We have an amazing team and this issue seems to be the only one that we all encounter. I think by allowing this option within the Co-Op would makes this one less issue being repeatedly discussed. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melissa Ann Duhon View Post
    ...Me and My Co-Op would like to suggest maybe being able to request expansion tools and building materials within our Co-Op???? ...
    "Requesting building materials in the co-op chat" is on the Devs' Won't Happen-list here. I think it is, as Stella said above (and the Devs also, in that thread), against the game strategy to make it too easy/fast.
    I think they might think about more ways for working together in the Coop, but not by making our life easier.
    So, the suggestion is: don't set your goals (too) high - this is a game of patience, not a "get there fast" thing. Build only one building in your town, not all at once, build either town OR zoo, don't forget to concentrate a while on expanding your barn, and the like. It's more fun than stress then, and you learn rather strategy and planning (and patience *g*) instead of reaching a goal fast.
    well, except for the regatta. Adapt to different goals there.
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