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Thread: Airplane products change

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayfield View Post
    It should be the one shown 3 days ago as next to arrive.
    really? I don't get it then. When I open my game up 3 days later, the plane will be there wanting those items? Or will the plane not even be there yet because I shut my game down when it was arriving in 2 hrs 43 min?

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    My experience is the plane will land as soon as I open the game.

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    Thank you for explaining. I had a different understanding of the mechanics for planes. Glad to have it straight now.

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    While it hasn’t changed my products (because i never stay out of the game that long) i have come back to see that the plane arrived an hour or two earlier in my absence. This seems to happen if i don’t exit township and just hit the ipad sleep button. (I don’t know if that’s actually what the button is called but the power button without totally powering down the ipad.)
    Usually, a text has come through and it makes township think it’s active. I try to remember to close township and opening another app after, to be safe.

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    I saw this at the start and was sure I had seen the changes happen each time. So I decided to test it.
    To my utter surprise both scenarios have occurred and not in any pattern I could follow.
    Sometimes the items changed and sometimes they didn’t. I haven’t worked out why.
    I think I will continue to monitor my planes and see if I can work out it’s rationale.
    Watch this space lol

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