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Thread: What Co ok has a green heart as logo.

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    What Co op has a green heart as logo.

    Hi guys iv lost my farm, but I have a screen shot and video of my farm and I can see a green heart near where the yatch club is. What Co op has a green heart?
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    That's like finding a needle in a haystack, when you also lost the haystack.

    There are a lot of co-ops out there, and without knowing more information about this co-op, there's no way to find it solely based on their icon, you can only filter a search using the co-op name or tag.
    Even so, if you search by name and there are more than 20 co-ops with the same name, there are chances that it won't even show in the search results.

    Do you know if any players in that co-op are a member here, on the forum? Or do you have any means of contacting them outside the game?
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    Can I view the list of co ops and their badges/ logos anywhere? I may recognise my co op name n members if they haven't left?
    Seems this is my last hope of finding my lost game.
    I just don't understand how Google play can show my purchase history (6 months plus and nearly $500 spent yet I'm on level 5.
    I have a video of my lost town. Can I send that or upload it anywhere and someone may recognise it, or see something I'm not?

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