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Thread: Sell your goods at a market

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    Sell your goods at a market

    I seen this in another game. Where you can sell your goods that you got to many off for extra cash. It helps your friends out at as well.
    Would this be possible to do?

    Look forward to your feedback .

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    Possible? most probably yes. Likely? no.

    The idea of having a market to trade goods with other players was already ruled out by the devs. You can find the full list here.
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    We can already sell goods directly from the barn to earn coins. Most people just do this when they need to make space, but some people grow surplus crops to sell as a revenue generating tactic. These items don't go to other players, but it does address the revenue aspect of your wish.

    If we want to help other players, we can fill chat requests to coop members at least, but we I don't think we get coins for those goods. If we want to earn coins by helping, we can fill requests for train, plane, or zoo help. I guess that works backwards for the seller, since the items requested will rarely be the items we have in surplus and want to sell.
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