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Thread: Boat race points

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    Boat race points

    Hi to everyone..Is there anyone who knows how to calculate boat race points..? Do canceled tasks affect points without taking?

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    Each task is given a certain amount of points, which you can see displayed on the task icon.
    The maximum points per task is 135 except for relay tasks which I will explain further down.
    The maximum points you can achieve is determined by how many players are racing x 135 x number of tasks plus the pay for task.
    The number of tasks available depends on the league you are in.

    Deleting tasks from the board that have not been started will not affect your points.
    However, once a task is taken, if it is then deleted those points will not be available towards your total score.
    The player that took the task will have one less task to complete. The deleted task will show on their list greyed out.
    This also applies to any tasks that are taken and have timed out, so it’s important to check when taking a task how long the player has to complete it.

    Relay Tasks... with these tasks the first player to start the task will receive 130 points, 2nd player 135, and the 3rd and subsequent players receive 140.
    So in order for the tasks to be of benefit there needs to be 4 or more players doing the task. Otherwise the point amount is either less that could be achieved doing other tasks or the same.

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    Thank you mate..
    Actually I want to learn how to calculate cooperative points..
    This is our last points..
    How does total point (1907.79) calculated?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meta7 View Post
    Actually I want to learn how to calculate cooperative points..
    Everything about this is on the Wiki

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    Thank you so much mate 👍

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