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Thread: Bugs after new update

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    Bugs after new update

    Recently we have problem inside co-ops(chat board).all members can not see immediatly messages in chat board.we must go offline &back to game,just see who gave messages in chat board.this problem is very bad & very distrbing.
    Also efter change setting in co-op,more issues we if we changed region regatta,we can not see status online players,or even some times our messages.
    Please help fix this bugs ASAP.

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    Given that this forum is for players to discuss with other players, no one here can actually fix things in your game, and support won't see your post here. The best thing you (and your co-op members who have this issue) can do, is to send a report directly from within your game (Settings > Help and Support). Give them as many details as possible, attach screenshots that prove your point, and make sure you follow the instructions in the automated replies that you will get.

    Good luck!
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    鳥の羽はバナナパンをエサにした場 2ー4取れるって書いてあるのにいつ 1コしか取れてないので修正してい だきたいです。

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    Google translate from/to Japanese (it says):

    Quote Originally Posted by 萩原그루마을 View Post
    The bird's wings are described as being able to give 2-4 when banana bread is used as feed, but I can only get 1 at a time, so I want to fix it.
    wings=feathers, I assume.

    I and others have noticed a change to often 2 only - which is an intentional, albeit bad change by Playrix - but not 1.
    So, I can only suggest to follow dreadnought's post above. Translation to follow below.

    = こんにちは、私と他の人たちは、し しば2のみへの変更に気づきました-これは意図的であり、Playrixによる悪 変更ではありますが-1ではありません。したがって、私は 記のドレッドノートの投稿に従うこ としか提案できません。以下に続く 訳。

    ...このフォーラムはプレイヤーが他 プレイヤーと議論するためのもので るため、実際にゲーム内の問題を修 正できる人はいません。サポートは こに投稿を表示しません。できるこ は、ゲーム内から直接レポートを送 信することだけです([設定]> [ヘルプとサポート])。できるだけ詳細に説明し、ポイ トを証明するスクリーンショットを 付して、自動返信の指示に従ってく ださい。幸運を!

    p.s.: Google translate doesn't "deliver" question marks, but copying between here and there works.

    p.s。:Google翻訳は疑問符を「配信」 ませんが、あちこちでコピーできま 。
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