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Thread: adding new players when almost to final co-op goal in Interseasonal

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    adding new players when almost to final co-op goal in Interseasonal

    We're just a few tasks away from the final co-op goal in this interseasonal regatta (Windows platform). If a new player were to join the co-op now, would that change the number of tasks required to reach the final goal?

    Would there be any disadvantages to inviting a friend to join us for the final push?

    Would the friend lose anything (except chests already earned in their own co-op) by joining us for the final rewards and then returning to their own co-op?

    I assume that the co-op rewards are usually much more valuable than the rewards you get in the chests?


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    If you have already started work on the last goal, then adding another player won't change the number if tasks needed.

    Actually, just adding a player wouldn't effect the number of tasks at any point if the player does not take any tasks.

    The numbers are generated based on the game's estimate of your number of task takers. It goes up for future levels if extra people take tasks. The number for your current level was set when you started it. That means once you have started on the final goal, more players taking tasks won't affect that number.
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