I would really like to be able to collaborate with my co-leaders outside of the group chat. As we've been building our team, issues come up regarding certain members and I would personally love to be able to visit about those without everyone in the co-op being able to see the discussion.

So far, I've gone ahead and created my own personal forum to provide detailed co-op instructions as well as a personal chat for leaders. However, I would much prefer to do this within the game for privacy.

Along this same vein, it would be great if we could look at member STATS in a different view. Right now I am keeping a spreadsheet to see when members join, when members are booted, how many people they help per week and how many tasks they complete per regatta. Then (in the past) I was forced to discuss this within the game's open chat. (Now, of course, I will be doing this through my private forum.)

Something as simple as the number of days a member has been with the co-op would be helpful. Also looking at their current leg STATS is a bit cumbersome in this regard. I have to look at full STATS to see if a member has completed any tasks, then I have to look at current task progress to see if members at zero are actually in the process with a task, then I have to look at my regular co-op board to see how many people they've helped in the past week (not the current leg of the regatta). It is kinda a lot of information to compile elsewhere.

It would be lovely too if the co-op member page would put the leaders at the top of the list for ease of understanding for new members. Currently people are listed by their game progress, so it can be hard to see who is doing what.

Finally, I really wish there were more promotion options. I find members respond well to promotions, but I don't need an entire co-op of co-leaders. So, once I promote someone to elder, they have very little motivation to keep working toward anything else.