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Thread: Township view

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    Township view

    We can zoom in and out, rotate factories/buildings etc. What are chances of updating the game to be able to rotate 360 degrees on buildings and the town as a whole, to be able to see everything from any angle ?
    This would make it easier to place and access roads, buildings ,crops etc. from behind taller buildings etc.

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    I think the chances are nil. They have said they won't to it.

    I agree that having only two rotations is a pain sometimes if we are trying to make realistic looking city blocks or trying to make the two ends mirror each other.

    Even more frustrating is that sometimes the "rotation" isn't really even rotated at all. They just kind of flip it, with the highest point always remaining in the top corner. Really annoying.

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    And here's the link to the list of things that the Devs listed as "won't happen":

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