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    Animal Cruelty Community Buildings

    I find horse racing, dolphin shows etc cruel. Yet, to be able to expand my town, I need to build these offensive buildings. Could there not be a choice on these ones please? Anything but these.

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    Hi Heidi, Welcome to the Forum,
    I understand your concerns, however the forum is mainly players trying to help other players.
    The Devs rarely come here so they are not likely to see your post.
    May I suggest you relate your concerns through an in game support ticket.
    Good Luck

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    You can skip those community buildings if you want. It just means you will progress a little more slowly through those levels.

    It would mean you need to wait to build the next CB before you can buy the additional housing and receive an additional field or two. It also means waiting a little longer before you can build the next factory if you don't have sufficient population, but We have a little margin there for missing houses. Imo, waiting a bit to build a factory isn't a bad thing. I'm two behind right now on purpose.

    I think the missing CBS and housing won't really make much difference until you get near the very end of the list.
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    I’ve heard many people apply a little imagination to these buildings.

    Put the dolphin aquarium by the ocean and assume there’s an opening underwater where the dolphins can swim freely in and out.
    Horses by an I expanded or park area and use the race track as a “training/stables” are where there horses choose to come in from the open field.

    Unfortunately if you feel you really need these buildings to progress, it may be much easier to twist them to fit your vision that ask the devs to fix it.

    (On the plus side, you’re definitely not alone in your thoughts, so, maybe one day...).
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    A few visual examples of what Nevada suggests to make those CB's less cruel to the involved animals:
    Manege.jpg Savethedolphins.jpg
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    That horse never races anyway. It just stands there getting saddled and unsaddled.
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    Thank you Nevada for that really great idea. And also thanks to you Rocky_Ruud for showing what it might look like.

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