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Thread: How to make a Foundry?

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    How to make a Foundry?

    I got a message in the game that a "foundry is required" to make my factories work more efficient. The problem is it doesn't give me a price or a level required to get this foundry, can anyone help me figure out what I gotta do to make this happen?
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    the first foundry is available in level 21 and requires a population of 730. Open the store (the yellow helmet) and tap on the special (star) icon. There you can find the foundry.

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    The foundry is one of the game's "Special" buildings. We can build up to 3 of them.

    Tap the hard hat graphic to open it, then tap on Special.

    The foundries are used to process ore from the mine into ingots. The ingots are then used at the Academy of Industry to purchase upgrades for factories, train lines, and islands.
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    Thanks!! I didn't have enough coins to repair the mine yet so the game Is getting a little ahead of itself!! Wish there was a way to get quick coins without $$!!

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    Filling helicopter orders is one of the fastest way to make coins. Another option is to grow excess crops and sell directly from the barn. That method has the advantage of earning coins without also earning a whole lot of XP. With helicopters, you will make a lot of coins but you will also level up too fast to keep up with the new things to buy.

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