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    It's adorable. I love decorations with water. I got a $1.99 US offer which sounds great, except I'm so stubborn I refuse to pay for it... Honestly, if Playrix would not do the thing where they take the video guy away if you spend any real money, I'd probably end up spending real money.
    The strategy of punishing players for spending real money sucks all around. Apart from taking away video guy for spending money, they also take away the better money deals. My offer was 40% off while others were offered 60% off. I can understand offering a larger quantities for players who have purchased bundles before but the discount offered should be the same.

    But really, if players who buy tcash were rewarded instead of punished, then the players who spend would get video guy and his tcash more frequently. The non-spenders would get him less and less until they fork over some real money to get him back. I'm not sure the non-spenders would see that as an improvement over the current set up.
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