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    Lunar New Year Special Offer

    A new deco has been offered a s part of the lunar new year package deal:

    It's animated, and i can't get over how the boat is as big as the lake 😂.
    But it looks nice 😊.
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    Being the deco hoarder of the century, I have got it lol.
    It is neatly placed in my Chinese area.
    I agree though the boat is off scale

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    Here's the offer I saw.


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    For me, it's - again - much too expensive, Euro 21,99 - laughable, if it wasn't so sad. Or bad.

    The boat would have to be MUCH bigger, like life-size, to be worth that.

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    I guess I got a good one, $2.99 (USD) for 110T + the deco

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    I got a good offer too. I won't be buying it, though I do like it


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    It's adorable. I love decorations with water. I got a $1.99 US offer which sounds great, except I'm so stubborn I refuse to pay for it... Honestly, if Playrix would not do the thing where they take the video guy away if you spend any real money, I'd probably end up spending real money.

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    I think the video guy thing is something Playrix should address.
    I understand they say it is random but losing him after spending money doesn’t happen to everyone.
    I bought the deco offer but I still have him, and I’m sure I’m not alone.
    No matter whether random or not, it seems a bit unfair, especially for those that rely on him for tcash to play.

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    It's not just about losing him Cuddz. Even if I kept him but he was a lot less frequent, as has been the case for many players, it's just not worth buying these offers. I don't want to go 3 months plus getting him a couple of times a day compared to 3 to 5 times an hour.

    I have noted a lot of players who say they haven't lost him after a purchase do not get him multiple times hourly. This is what concerns me and many others. Those who are fortunate enough to get so many adverts nearly all appear to be effected.
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    Exactly, Downton! I just can't afford to lose the steady stream or not have him for a whole month or worse just never know what the "consequence" will be of taking a cash offer. It's too much of a risk for me.

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