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Thread: unfair regatta

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    We are going into today with a 2000 point lead. ! member still working tasks. I can split them with you if a 1000 would help and we ca get Playrix to do it for us ….
    Thank you, Gary
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    Thanks Gary, much appreciated, but even that amount wouldn't have got second place anywhere near to the "winners"

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    I specifically say 'no regatta pressure' in my ad for the co-op I inherited and Ive recently gotten a little influx of active players just when I hit high activity in my game after upgrading my trains. We have had 15 or 16 racers at a time the last month or so when we started with 5 or 6. We do it for the goodies and got a 1st place. Its been pretty fun. Maybe dont care about winning?
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