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Thread: Linking Facebook

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    Linking Facebook

    Is there a way to link a new Fb page with Township game without resetting everything. I wanted to make a new Township only Fb page to add more friends without sharing all my personal info. Thanks!

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    Not sure you will be able to do it.
    The game is linked to FB using the email address connected to your game account which marries to that same email account on FB.

    You could a new page on FB, using the new e mail address. Sign out of FB. Disconnect FB in your game. Sign into FB using the new page info. Then try to reconnect using the new page from in game.

    Or...try changing the email account in your game store to the same one you use for the new page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Missy's View Post
    Hi Dia

    Disconnecting and reconnecting didn't work?
    Then if both fb accounts still exist follow these steps:

    1. Go to your device settings, choose the facebook menu and disconnect the facebook app your former account is linked to (in iOS it says "delete account"; but don't be afraid, it is not meant to delete the fb account, only the connection with your device)
    2. Go into your former fb account, choose "settings > Apps" and disable the permission for apps to access your fb account (if several apps use your fb account you also can delete the township button only, but the safer working way is to disable the general permission). Then log out your account.
    3. Go to your Township app and disable "connect to facebook" in your settings (the cog gear on the left top). Then close the Township app completely (means, not only minimize; in iOS doubleclick the home button, then slide the app away to the top).
    4. Go to your new facebook account and inable the permission to link apps to your account (same settings like step 2.) Then log out the account.
    5. Open Township and inable "connect to facebook".

    The game now will ask for log in your facebook account; choose the new one and your game will connect it.

    (If you have problems with this procedure please feel free to come back and we will troubleshoot together; there are some more possibilities depending on how you are linked in detail between device/game/facebook. )
    This might help.
    Plenty of people do it but it can be fiddly. Worth it once sorted, though.
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