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Thread: Regatta task: Light Sky Lanterns in Lantern Festival Event

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayfield View Post
    ...Still, that way better than 880 lanterns.
    Definitely, and good to know some numbers as evaluation. I was just saying that so you or anyone don't get your hopes too high, that it might become 'better'. Congrats on getting the task done well

    ETA: for interested readers: more on the 2nd task (envelopes) is in the Lantern Festival Event thread, starting here:
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    880 lantern

    There is a 135-task wanting 880 lanterns. Isn’t that a bit much?
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    Oh yea I just picked that one up with out actually looking before choosing it, pretty plum thing to do, now I’ll probably be working on it all day. :rolling eyes intensifies:
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    Double lantern event in less than a day, should make getting 880 a bit easier

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