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Thread: Frequency of 135 point tasks

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    Frequency of 135 point tasks

    Rather than resurrect any of the various topics with people complaining about how few we get, I thought I'd start fresh.

    The reason is that this week my coop seemed to get slightly more than usual.

    My coop most often has 4 racers, and most of the time we cannot get more than four 135 point tasks on the board at a time. If four of them are up, we can delete all the rest over and over and will not get a new 135 task until somebody takes or dumps one. Very rarely we can have five if one is a seasonal task (relay, combo, red star or mystery).

    This week, we have gotten five 135 tasks up at the same time several times and even six 135 tasks once. I was wondering if others feel like they are seeing a bit more 135s this week.

    I know larger groups would have more than four 135 tasks as their norm, but that's not the point. My question is does this week seem the same as usual for you or do 135 tasks seem slightly easier to come by?
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    Not wanting to resurrect them either, I do remember reading that the real thing is the "number of high value tasks", that is, not limited to 135s. I also seem to remember that Playrix considers 131 and up as "high value tasks". So while we may be looking for 135s exclusively, we should consider the presence of things we would normally dump.

    Also, since this season included "Mystery Tasks" and they are always 135s, it may seem like there are more this time around.

    So to add to the data, with 12 racing this week we consistently saw 5 135s and at least once I saw 6. But then again, I wasn't paying attention to any other point value.

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