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    Making nachos in the real world only takes 10 seconds.I dont think it should be an item you have to wait 20 minutes or more in the factory. Its an easy and fast food to prep. We shouldn't have to use any bars of ingots to make it produce faster.

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    I don't think they make any attempt for the times to be realistic because most of the real life times would actually be way too long. It takes a lot more than 3 and a half minutes to make a load of bread, even if you don't need to grind your wheat into flour first. Trees and vegetables don't grow from seed to harvest in a matter of minutes or hours, either.

    I think we just need to ignore the silliness of these things. The ingredients don't make much sense most if the time either. Nor does it make sense that all those restaurant dishes are being made in factories like they are going to be shrink wrapped snd shipped somewhere. Soggy hot dog, anyone?
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    They make the game to let people learn how to be patient 😅
    you can also pay to have it finish in fast, they also can have some specific gems to have factories finish more faster than usual times!

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