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Thread: Symbols (circles) next to co-op member status?

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    Symbols (circles) next to co-op member status?

    What do the circles mean next to a co-op member's name/status (member/elder/leader). Sometimes it is a filled circle and other times it is an open circle with a line through it. What does this mean?

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    the circle with a line in it means they don't want others to see if they're on-line or not. Not sure why you would want to hide from your fellow co-op players.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SaucyKit View Post
    What do the circles mean next to a co-op member's name/status (member/elder/leader)....

    It's called online status indicator. I also find that the "hidden" status is most silly, esp. when you ever want to request anything in your coop, lol.
    It seems it is Playrix' attempt to do something for the players who were against this status display at all.

    anyway, Playrix explains all 3 in their ingame help, look behind the cog wheel top left, then Help and Support, then Coop, or here:

    A green dot means the player is online, a gray dot means they are offline, and an empty dot with a line through it means the player has turned off their online status indicator.

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