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Thread: How to play- Lantern event

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    How to play- Lantern event

    I thought I remembered how to play. I don't. Anyone... Help please.

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    You can find the guide for this event HERE.
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    ...and also (always) ingame, by clicking on the question mark top left.
    Screenshot_20200118-202423.jpg ​(tap to enlarge)

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    Lanterns rocket

    I cannot get past the tutorial . I'm playing on a Kindle and my rocket won't launch. It tells me to pick my trajectory , but when I slide my finger along the line, nothing happens.

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    The gameplay is very similar to a certain game where you have birds with anger issues in a slingshot. You "press and hold" the pig and while doing that drag your finger leftward and downward to set the "launch trajectory", further left increases horizontal distance, further downward increases vertical takeoff. Use a combination of those two movements to target the rooftop. Release your finger and let pigs fly (had to say that )

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