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Thread: Religious Decorations

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    Religious Decorations

    We seem to see alot of decorations based on pagan religions. Can we possibly see some Christian themed decor and items sometime? Maybe during Easter? If people don't like them, they don't have to get them. I don't partake in any of the items or decor offered that I don't appreciate/agree with. I don't quit the game over it, I just choose things to my beliefs. For example my town and others I've seen have crosses made out of ground decor but that takes alot of space. I can't imagine that y'all creating a few tasteful non-denominational Christian items (like NOT a crucifix or something geared toward a specific religion) would be too far fetched to ask for. Thanks for the consideration.

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    To my knowledge, the Chinese New Year is simply a celebration of the new year in the traditional Chinese calendar. It is not related to any religion, and has no religious basis for it.
    Same goes for the other special decor in various events we had in the game, they're based on popular holidays, events, festivals, but they really try to keep any religious elements out of them.

    Given that the devs (understandably) said they won't include any places of worship in the game, i think it's safe to assume that any decor geared towards a religion is out of the question as well.
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