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Thread: Notification requests

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    Notification requests

    It would be good to get notifications whenever we get messages in our co-op group,or whenever someone sends or requests items in the co-op.

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    It will be better also if they make it to add it to make it possible for choosing between ON or OFF new notifications from the
    co-op group, some people maybe find it annoying but it gotta be cool to receive if you want

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    When a new post is added to the coop the number appears on the tab telling you how many there are.
    If you mean notifications to your device that would possibly take a lot of work to implement over all the platforms.
    I think we tend to forget this is a game, and a game if strategy, the devs are not going to make it too easy for us.
    As it stands it encourages us to pop in the game and check, which in turn encourages us to play even if we wouldn’t have normally at that time.

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