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Thread: 16.01 The Newest Update is here! (iOS, Android, Mac)

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    When are you going to update for windows!!!!???

    Not everyone can or wants to play the game on their phone or a table!!!!

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    Hi Dawn,

    You won't get an answer here from the staff or from customer support, since this forum consists of players like you. If you want to address Playrix staff directly, submit your message directly from your game (see here a guide on how to do that for Windows), and ask your questions there.

    Good luck!
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    Could be a Microsoft thing. They are renown for irritating third-party developers and causing release delays. Then there's their under documented and buggy developer tools. I am amazed Playrix supports so many platforms as well as they do.
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    I can't even connect to facebook on the game anymore so the game only will now save on my PC. I also play on Windows. This happened after the last update (which of course PC players didn't get) I thing we will be in Winter mode till the end. I guess the PC community is a minority which is ashamed.

    I tried to play on Bluestacks, but that also is not supported and the regattas don't work, but special events do work and updates do work. This is a great game, it's just frustrating that more and more games are for mobile devices.

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    No, it's not Microsoft this time... Playrix support told me they DO NOT SUPPORT PC's or any PC emulators such as bluestacks that simulate a mobile device on your PC. So this is Playrix excluding PC's for Township. However they do support other games for the PC... so this baffles me why they excluded Township in PC support.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawn M Huinker Dobbs View Post
    Not everyone can or wants to play the game on their phone or a table!!!!

    I have Township on my Android and I do not have any problems with the Windows version except that I lost all my buildings and animal enclosures at the Zoo. The level stayed the same at level 6. All the missing stuff is back for sale again, interesting. The "report an issue button does not work. I have seen that a lot of other people have the same problem with the button and the Zoo. I decided to forgo the Zoo at this time I lost a lot of material and gems building it. One person stated that he had this happen 4 times.

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    AHH! So I see there are other Windows players with concerns. I have a Microsoft Nokia Lumina 950 phone. Microsoft is no longer giving updates so I can't useFacebook app or view other people' s updated games. My game can't be transferred to my new Samsung phone. How can I transfer my Cristo Rey Township game to my HP Windows PC so I don't have to start over after 3 years?
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    I would first try logging into the Windows Store with the same ID you use for your phone and downloading Township.

    If for some reason that does not work. Contact Playrix from in game with the info from your phone game and they should be able to transfer it for you.

    I am sure there are directions on here of how to do it. I am also sure one of the awesome people will chime in with a link to it for you

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    Quote Originally Posted by gggillis View Post
    ...I am sure there are directions on here of how to do it. ...
    you mean like the link that dread posted above in post nr. 12?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawn M Huinker Dobbs View Post
    I cross posted this. This is my Reply to the "stafff" and it will be ignored like any post that is similar.

    It's getting more and more obvious that the staff ignores any and all posts from Windows users!! There are those of us that don't have the eyesight good enough to play on the tiny phone screens!! I want an answer from the "staff" or tech support or any of the "powers that be" if they plan on doing an update for Windows!!! It isn't fair to cater to only the ones playing on phones or tablets! First of all they are assuming that everyone out there has either a phone or tablet that they can play the game on! NOT SO!! So staff, get with the program and be fair to ALL players!!
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