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Thread: 16.01 The Newest Update is here! (iOS, Android, Mac)

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    16.01 The Newest Update is here! (iOS, Android, Mac)

    Hey, folks!

    The newest update of the game is OUT for all our iOS, Android, and Mac players 🎉🌞


    💞 Celebrate Valentine's Day with us!
    🧡 Send your friends and fellow co-op members a romantic decoration or an animated chat sticker along with your best wishes.
    💝 8 holiday decorations


    ⛵ Join the quest for Atlantean treasure in the new Regatta Season.
    🏮 Decorate your town with Piggy the pig in the Lantern Festival.
    💥 Embark on a hunt for sunken treasure during the Underwater Adventue Event!
    🚜 Help Samuel deliver his crops to the farmers' market in the Need for Seeds Event.
    🤹 Produce as many factory goods as you can in the new Industrial Boom Tournament.


    ⏱ Limited-time offers: Double Play and Ore Galore.
    🌏 3 new town expansions.

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    What about us poor schmucks playing on Windows?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodyville View Post
    What about us poor schmucks playing on Windows?
    Winter has come! And it's gonna stay for a while
    Thank you, Gary
    Windows 10 PC : Darkwood (Gary) , Silver Lake (Alana) Co-op : Stronger Together

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    This is amazing and alot of fun

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    Great, sounds like we need someone from The North who has trained with the faceless ones, to finish off the Night King with some dragon glass, to stop the winter.

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    When will there be a new building? I've been at the same population for months now.

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    Woodyville ficamos a ver navios!

    Nenhum administrador deste jogo responde ou dá uma satisfação sobre a atualização para quem só usa o Towship no NOTEBOOK, Windows 8.1. Para que Fórum de Discussão se não temos respostas para os problemas apesentados?
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    what about windows??

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    I know Nastari, was hoping for an answer from a Staff member

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    I cross posted this. This is my Reply to the "stafff" and it will be ignored like any post that is similar.

    It's getting more and more obvious that the staff ignores any and all posts from Windows users!! There are those of us that don't have the eyesight good enough to play on the tiny phone screens!! I want an answer from the "staff" or tech support or any of the "powers that be" if they plan on doing an update for Windows!!! It isn't fair to cater to only the ones playing on phones or tablets! First of all they are assuming that everyone out there has either a phone or tablet that they can play the game on! NOT SO!! So staff, get with the program and be fair to ALL players!!

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