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Thread: Info about goods is hidden behind my finger

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    Info about goods is hidden behind my finger

    I don’t know why it’s changed but since last update, when I tap on items in the factories the info is no longer always above the goods. Most of the time it’s hidden UNDER my finger (the right one) until I move my finger a bit, then it moves to the left, seldom to the top. It’s very annoying to have the info about how many you have from something in stock hidden behind your finger.
    It was already this way with the goods completely on the right or the left side, but since last update they all have it.
    Btw, its only this way on my iPad pro, not on my phone
    Please change/fix this!!!

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    I agree. Above s definitely better.
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    I came on here to ask for this change to be reverted back as it was before the update. It is quite annoying! Please change it back!
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    Came here and registered for my first time after 1 year of playing to read about this! Terrible terrible change! The item info has been changed a few times before which has made it a bit harder to see how many I have o a certain item and so on but THIS is amazingly terrible! Have ANY of the developers tested the game for 1 minute and thought that this works good? It is extremely annoying and disrupts game play completely. The info box keeps popping around. In one factory it’s left, in one it’s right, in another it changes from left to right... please make this go away ASAP!!!

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    It even jumps around from on top to left or right when my finger moves slightly. Almost impossible to play the game without getting mad

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    I agree it’s incredibly annoying and if you move it about too much you can accidentally start production of something you’re just looking at!
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