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Thread: Se me cierra el juego!!!

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    Se me cierra el juego!!!

    Hello, I am having a problem for hours, every time I try to open "regattas" from my android device, it takes me out of the game and the application closes completely, I already have the latest update, restart the device and it is not solved, for please what should I do ??????

    pd: The strangest thing, what happens to me trying to open "regattas", because after the game suits me perfectly, I don't know what to do
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    Help me the problems persist

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    Hi Marina,

    we're mostly players here who can't check your game for you; you'd best check whether your device still meets the system requirements (should be listed in the shop where you got the update), and if yes, then try to report the problem using the automated form at the end of this thread

    That's for use from outside of the game. The link to the Windows procedure is at the beginning of that post.

    Emphasize right at the start of your report that you canNOT report from ingame.
    Also read the replies carefully, most often you need to reply several times also to automated replies by Playrix, before you reach a human.
    Good luck!

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