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Thread: Some random questions

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    Some random questions

    How often should ships be sent out to islands?
    Is it better to use ignots for the ships or for factory/train upgrades?
    How many upgrades are there?

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    Ships should be going constantly to the islands in general. An exception might be if you were competing in a regatta and wanted to pick an island-related task. You'll find trains and planes asking for island-related stuff once you unlock the island, so that will drive the need to send ships once you've unlocked them anyway.

    Ingots are better spent on factory (etc) upgrades. There are exceptions where you'll need to use them for regatta tasks or other special needs, but in general it's not worth it to use ingots unless you are done upgrading buildings.

    The number of upgrades for islands? I think they go to +10% for each of 2 fruits, plus 10 levels of time reduction to -50% maximum. So 30 upgrades to Level 31.

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    I agree with the above.

    I use ingots on ships only when I need the second or third items, not routinely.

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    Ingots should be used to upgrade your trains to at least level 21, which cuts 50% off their return time. This gives you building supplies/landscaping tools every 2-3 hours. I was stalled at level 89 in November with no idea how i was ever going to finish the 5 community buildings I had started without spending wads of real cash. I learned about the trains and immediately spent all my time and ingots upgrading them to level 21. (I have not upgraded any factories except the 6 basic supply ones and they are only half improved. I have no problems filling my trains.) Since the middle of November, I have climbed to level 91 and I have completed 4 of the 5 cbs and need only bricks and 5 drills to complete the last one and I get bricks on all my trains, so it wont take long. Buying ore from Rajah was also something I started doing and that and regatta tasks kept the flow of ingots coming. I also stopped caring about the zoo, no resources go to it at all. I'll concentrate on it when all the cbs are done.
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    Here is an interesting read about using ingots for upgrades HERE

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    Personally, I send ships out to islands as and when I need them to. But of course I plan in advance, since ships do take quite a while to make their journey. Usually I do it overnight so that by next morning I have new goods to use.

    I'd say upgrade trains first, and factories that you use often (dairy, sugar and bakery) then think if you want to upgrade ships or continue upgrading other factories. At least at my level, I don't rely on stuff brought from ships that much compared to factories. Even though ships and factories both give you 50% time reduction eventually, remember that the absolute time for ships will still be longer for ships (at -50%) than for factories. Hence for me I am contented with sending ships overnight, and focus on upgrading my factories. Maybe this priority will shift at higher levels, I'm not sure.

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