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Thread: Tool exchange question

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    Tool exchange question

    Hello, I'm having trouble building tool exchange at level 62. I don't have enough population, and I need to build another community building and then houses before I can start another factory. I can't trade construction materials for tools b/c I don't have tool exchange, and I can't complete my anymore community buildings w/o tool exchange. Quite a stalemate.

    Is there a way out of this dilemma without spending real $$$? Many thanks in advance.

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    Which community buildings are you lacking for your level?

    The first one to need the power tools is the Planetarium (Level 62). The ones before that can be built with glass, bricks, and slabs.

    If you have built all the community buildings available before the Planetarium, they add up to over 9000 population, so you should be able to build the housing needed for the Tool Exchange (7100 population).
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