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Thread: So many co-ops to choose from...

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    So many co-ops to choose from...

    How do you pick the right one???

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    Just have to try them out, one at a time. Visit as many as you can between races. check the chat. check the stats of the leader. You'll probably find more than one that you would like to join. Check out the ones that your friends belong to, especially friends that help you a lot


    Play for fun, but it's also fun to win.

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    Think about what you want out of the game. I've been in a co-op that had 30 members and the leader was absent, probably didn't even play anymore. I like to race in the regattas and win, so this situation was frustrating. I also didn't like being in a co-op where everyone asked for help, but then never gave it back.

    I'm now in a co-op that focuses on racing. We are in the gold league and I have my golden sail. One of our members has another town that races globally so she has alot of info to share with us. We all help each other. I got lucky finding them. We also welcome "hoppers" who leave for the interseasonal week and come back for the regular racing season.

    You just need to figure out what you want and try different co-ops. Mine is Jojoburg and our code is JJK4SG if you are interested.

    Good Luck!!!!!!

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