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Thread: One building at a time

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    One building at a time

    I’ve read many times that you should only be building one building at a time so you can get what you need for it from the trains more efficiently. However, does that mean that I shouldn’t build a zoo enclosure at the same time? Do I have to choose between building a community building and building a zoo enclosure or can I have both being built at the same time and still get the items I need correctly? I’m level 60 and have been playing for almost a year but I’ve just barely learned this information. So, I’m trying to maximize it to the fullest without stunting my town. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I would suggest doing only one of them. You can alternate between the 2 types.
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    I usually will try to alternate or I will try to find a zoo enclosure that will take 2 of the materials & then find a community building that uses the third. I research on the township wiki page, I'm not sure if I can add a link for the site. But once you get above level 60 & the community buildings start needing power tools you learn new strategies.

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    I stopped paying attention to the zoo when I learned this a couple months ago but not until I had started 5 enclosures, so they are also figured into what kinds of materials come on the trains. I think the game nudged me towards completing the computer store when I wanted to do the shipyard first, it keeps giving me glass. Maybe next I should knock out a zoo enclosure.

    EDIT: Just want to add, on Saturday I finally got all 113 glass I needed for the computer store and the very next train brought me 1 brick and 1 slab and no glass. Since then, every one of the 27 trains I have sent has brought at least 1 brick or slab, and a couple times a 3 car train has had both and a shovel, and very little glass!
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