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    Lost friend

    Hi, I seem to have lost a friend, they keep sending me gifts and I can’t reciprocate I keep searching but they’ve gone from my list how can I re-friend them again? I’m assuming I have accidentally done something to delete them. Thanks in advance 👍🏻

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    We can only send gifts to friends or coop teammates, so I think you must still appear on their friend list.

    I lost a big chunk of my friend list a few weeks ago too. I was left with exactly 50 including my Facebook friends. It was like the software had malfunctioned and started counting my FB friends against the 50 friend limit. Then one day, the rest of the list reappeared.
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    Is it possible your friend changed the name of their town? The gift will still come up with their old name attached, but in the Friends list, they'll be under the new name.

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