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Thread: Advanced Agriculture Mini-Event

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    Yes, in addition to the group rewards, we are still also competing for individual standings and individual rewards, as in most mini-events
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    Hm, I've been planting the same crops I always do, which is literally some of everything. But even with that I'm in 7th place. I don't ever expect to win any competitions simply because I've made game choices that limit what I'm capable of doing relative to other players at my level. But I like having all our points go toward other prizes. It makes it more interesting and I feel more inclined to participate.

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    Unfair competitions!!

    The New Competition which gives points for how much you are growing on your Farm, the idea is in right direction but unfair.
    Everyone can fill their fields with what gives highest scores and erase it by selling, but in my point of view it just benefits people who have all fields complete like myself. But as I find it unfair I don't do that.
    What it should be is that you get the points of the harvest you use in production in your factory, filling your train, flights and helicopter, what you use to help your co-op and other users asking for help. Then we would have a more fair results when you have to do real effort to earn the points. I know that people will hate for that idea, because there are alot of lazy people who on top are very selfish and won't help people from other co-op. You can see it when you are going through peoples
    Achievements lists. They are very quick to ask for help, but very selfish to to help. I don't expect that all have to be like me, because I help everyone if I only have a possibility to help.
    In that way people in lower positions are able to win rankings for their hard work they do.
    You are all welcome to pop by and look at my achievements when ever you want to.
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    Sorry, but the way you describe to make points is the worst ever. Those high points crops take way too much time to be valuable. Just plant some wheat whenever you are in the game and collect as much as you can. You will see your points increase nicely. You too can sell the extra and make coins at the same time.
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    Since they group players by level, everyone in a given group should have pretty similar numbers of fields.

    I also can't understand how anybody finds plant, harvest, sell to be anything but tedious, nor how they can take any pride or satisfaction in having more time to waste at it than other people. (Or worse, how they can be pleased with themselves for doing it when their employer is paying them to be doing real work instead of seeking to validate themselves thru nonsense competitions.)

    I agree an event where they count crops used would feel a lot less bogus than any event designed to encourage people to behave in a way that mostly makes no sense for normal game play and progress.
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    I agree with GL, planting wheat whenever you are on the game makes your score go up quickly.

    Also I congratulate all the players who have managed to invest the time it takes to get the high scores I see. It takes commitment and effort.
    Of course there will be players who don't have the time to spend in game doing it (or the desire), but that shouldn't take anything away from those who have .

    No competition can be completely fair, therefore I think Playrix offering so many different types of events/competitions gives everyone a chance to excel in something

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    I also agree with gl, but I see Bo's point in that I also find it stupid and not reflective of any sort of "effort" as much as a willingness to do a super boring, repetitive task for hour/s (and I'm totally unwilling to do that which is why I'm not high up in any of those type acheivements).

    hst, it's true that if you want the points and you want to win, you have to do what those who are doing the best are doing, planting wheat and selling it. But I do not think a person's interest, or disinterest, in this type of activity is, at all, reflective of a person's willingness to "work hard" or "help others" or anything like that. This is a game. It's not work. I'm not going to treat it like work because it's supposed to be fun.

    So then, the achievements are supposed to be fun to achieve. If they're not fun to work on, don't do them. If they are, then do them. But, please lets not assume that someone who doesn't have a lot of marks for helping others is lazy. Maybe that part of our game is not our focus.

    I do not make anything in mass unless there's some specific reason. So I rarely have a lot of a thing to help someone who asks, but when I do have items I help. And I ask for help nearly every time I run my trains, not because I'm lazy, but because I discovered that some of my neighbors and game peers are looking for clovers, and I can provide an opportunity for someone to get one/some (since I'm not working on the zoo and don't send off planes much). I also, do appreciate it, though, when I know I will need 4 hours to fill my cars, and a generous person (called Downton) comes along and fills them for me. But I don't "expect" it. I expect to fill them myself if no one gets to them before I'm done producing the items. When someone helps out on those bigger requests I am happy to get to keep my stuff for the next thing that needs them.

    Anyway, it's important to remember it's supposed to be fun.

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    I just want to point out that planting wheat is not your best option if you sit and plant endlessly in competition with someone else who also is willing to commit that kind of time. Corn is a better option when you take into account the time it takes to harvest and plant. If it took no time at all, wheat gives you 30 tokens per field per hour, while corn gives you 24. But planting and harvesting every 2 minutes vs every five makes corn the better choice unless you are significantly quicker at harvesting and replanting than I am.

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    Oh my, no matter what event us going on there are always some complaints, and some who like it.
    No wonder Playrix don’t listen, they know they can’t please everyone.
    This event is meant to be fun, just getting points fir doing what you do anyway, but with a little twist, (like the wheat thing) for those that are competitive.

    Although I do understand that some players have just sat back and let others play for the prizes, I wouldn’t say they were lazy, maybe wise lol

    Personally I have done both the wheat planting, and playing my usual game.
    If I’ve needed nothing else to be grown, I grew the wheat, but when I needed to stock up on other crops I grew those. Still doing that.
    I’ve quite enjoyed the relaxed point if this event, but also the competitive side to it as well.

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    I also agree with what you say Zealous. Lots of players have different focuses within their game. There is no correct/incorrect way to play the game. Making negative assumptions about a player through certain numbers of helps etc from the Townhall, seems unfair to me.

    A big part of my game is the helping aspect, but that doesn't make me less lazy or whatever than other players. It is simply the part of the game I have chosen to focus on. My friends (you included) give me the opportunities to do this. A player considerate enough to ask for help (whether genuinely needed or not) is just as vital as the helpers.

    Anyway thanks for the clovers

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