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Thread: Ingot Use for the Islands

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    Ingot Use for the Islands

    I did a search to make sure I wasn't repeating someone else's idea. Didn't find anything so here goes

    I'm just getting started in this insanity [Level 42] so all of my ingots are going to upgrade my land based set ups. End result is I don't have ingots to use for the ships. Would it be possible to set up the ships where each trip gradually increases the odds of getting either the second or third item? Have the second box "fill" slightly faster than the third so eventually we can get the items that would come in those boxes.

    I'd also like to be able to buy farm plots. Unless I want to blow a wad, I don't have enough to really take care of things. As I'm also one of those who prefers to play the game without spending a bunch of money for TCash, I doubt I ever will.

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    There’s little to no chance the developers will make the game “easier” or faster in this regard. Some have said you can avoid sending ingots to the islands, and still increase the chances of the 2nd and 3rd products, if you send all your ships to the same island.

    For what it’s worth I’ve found it isn’t hard to accumulate the third product because they are infrequently used in factories, and rarely needed for trains and planes.

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    I agree it woukd throw out the balance of the game to make things easier.
    As for buying farm plots I can’t see that ever happening either.
    Everyone is or has been where you are, long time players managed, so no reason with a good strategy you can’t manage too.
    This is a game of strategy, if one isn’t working, try something else.

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