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Thread: Chart of Number of Fields By Population

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    Question Chart of Number of Fields By Population

    I searched and did not find this information. Is there a place you can see how many fields you should have based on population?
    I just finished the Music Venue and added two high rise buildings (all I could add) which put me at 11645 population. I went to see if I could add a field after the first high rise finished and I think it said I needed 11405 (at least I think I saw that but small type is hard for me to read), which I had but it would not let me add one. I thought maybe it would add two after the second high rise, but after the second building finished I got one more field. I now have 104 and am at level 66. It just seemed that to get one field for adding two high rise building was skimpy?
    Or should I just message Playrix? I do not have a screen shot. I play on a Kindle and have not bothered learning how to take one. Guess I had better do that. (sheepish grin)
    Thanks for reading!

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    I believe this is the list you're looking for: Fields (wiki). You can check there the amount of population you have *after* the houses you're building are completed, and see if they match with how many fields you have.
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