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    When you’re sending the goods (either that you’ve purchased from the market or grown and made in the various factories) off in trains or from the airport, where are they actually going? What do you get from doing that besides coins and/or XP? I know it says what city on the trains after you send them, but where are they actually going?


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    Besides xp/coins/gems, etc., you don't get anything else, like a credit for helping another player or anything like that. However, the trains brig back supplies so filling them to send them off gets you new supplies. With the plane, I have no idea what benefits you get as I rarely send them

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    You don’t get coins for filling your own trains, the goods are traded for supplies.

    You do get coins for filling your plane crates, and three rewards for everything being filled, whether by you or helpers. The rewards will be a gem, a t-buck, a building material, etc.

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    The payoff from doing trains is the cargo we collect when they arrive. I guess it does seem backwards to get paid up front rather than when we load and send. Hmm. Maybe the reward is the cargo in the train when in comes back rather than the one we just emptied.

    Either way, the trains are our primary source for building materials, barn upgrade parts, mining tools, and land expansion tools. We do also get some other ways, but the trains are pretty essential for game play.
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