To start this, let me just say that I have read the guides and how-tos in the "New Player" section. I have tried the strategy of selling off building supplies that you have too many of so that the train will send what you need. This is NOT WORKING!!!!

Here's my dilemma. Prior to reading the "New Player" section, where y'all talked about only having 1 community building going at a time, I went ahead and built the community buildings as usual, like I had in all the other levels, as I was able to complete them with no problems. I ended up with 4 buildings that I can't complete because I don't have enough materials. The one that needs the least amount of materials needs something like 10 glass, 16 bricks, and 9 slabs (this is just an approximation - I can't remember the exact numbers. I'm on level 39-ish, if this helps). I had like 16 slabs but only 3 or 4 glass and bricks. I took y'alls advice and sold all of the slabs so that I had only the amount needed. I couldn't wait till the next train came with my glass and bricks! But no, it wasn't to be. What did ALL THREE of my trains bring me? MORE FREAKING SLABS!!!! I don't want to pay "real" money to complete these buildings, but it's getting quite tempting.

Also - I never really knew much about the Regattas or any other aspect of this game - I'm not really a "gamer" and just stumbled upon this game and got hooked. Now that I've been reading this forum and learning about the ins-and-outs of the game - especially with the co-ops and regattas - I decided to check up on my co-op's stats. I have like 27 "helps" to my name - I'm always helping others to unload my items, and because it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy but most of the ppl in my co-op have ZERO "helps!" This seems kinda rude! Shouldn't everyone be helping each other? Plus, it seems like I'm one of the only ones that actually do the regatta activities. This is probably obvious - should I join a different co-op? What criteria do y'all use when choosing a co-op to join?

Sorry for the long post!