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Thread: Question on strategy for barn upgrades

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    Question on strategy for barn upgrades

    This is a question for the higher level members of this forum. I've noticed some of you have comments about how large your barns are and I was curious if sent A LOT of trains to get the pieces need for upgrades or if you relied more on using T-cash.

    Thanks y'all!

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    Hi Bosco: my barn is only at 910 and I have never paid for a tool to expand it. Graylady tells us that once the barn reaches 1,000 capacity it increases in increments of 50 (instead of 25). I don't know of anyone paying to increase their barn, but maybe they are keeping "mum."

    PS: I get only 3-4 sets of train per day, sometimes only 2, because I work and couldn't get to them anyway - so I didn't go crazy upgrading the way many have. Kind of useless for a player with my time constraints.
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    Bosco... I agree with Nana... My barn is at 960... I did have a really rough time with the barn last summer, didn't I Nana... But, I broke down and bought 2 cans of paint from the market and that broke my log jam...

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    Yes, Ralph went through hell (can I say that?) and is playing catch up to where he rightfully should be!

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    Hi Bosco,
    My barn is at 1160 and I have never bought upgrade tools. Trains and the house of luck have been my source of tools. My big problem has always been hammers, they are a real challenge.

    Mind you, my barn is still ALWAYS full.

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    Hi Bosco,
    My barn capacity is currently 760 and I'm really close to level 97. I've never paid TCash to upgrade the barn but with the new update really starting to feel the squeeze. As I've helped a few players along the way, need to call in a few favours as I seriously don't have the goods I'm now asking for.

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    Hi Bosco

    My barn is currently 1510, 4 red paint from 1560. I have bought some barn tools when they are offered on sale in the Market. I only buy the variety I have less. If I have more hammers then the other two, I would not buy hammers.

    My strategy is to give priority to the plane : I send 4 each day. Next to that, I don't keep more then 5-10 more then needed tools. This morning I sold 10 hammers.

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    Bosco...good question. Got me to thinking. I have 780 slots in my barn and I'm only on level 58. One reason my barn is large for my level is that, almost from day one, I have paid the TCash to get the next train immediately. I've never paid TCash for tools in the Marketplace and never paid to hurry up the upgrade of the barn. I only play once a day with a quick check in at bedtime. I knew from the beginning that I would never stick with the game if I had to wait for those darn trains! It's funny, I can wait for so many things (never pay to refresh the market or hurry the ships). This is what works for me. I only buy TCash when it's on sale and often pass up the sales. Getting the tools on the trains and the mining materials seems to give me back some TCash that I spend.

    For me, the lesson is that there's no right way or wrong way to play this game. Just try to make it work for you so that it isn't "work" to play. Hope this gives you some ideas.
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    I haven't spent a lot of Tcash, just maybe 50 total when I was desperate and really needed the space. I'm at 1260 now... one paint away from upgrading (shocking, I know).

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    Hi Bosco,

    Currently my barn is 710 for level 71 (20k more XP to get 72) I think it's just about right although sometimes I am struggling to fit all my stuff in there. I spent T-cash when i was just started since i got my T-cash for free (rewards from daily playing). I never spent one penny in this game, i got it for free so i don't usually complain (just the forum) ^_~ I think since we're talking about Barn, you need to focus more on your trains, you can get more materials in there. Just ask some help from your friends to send it out quick. The more you send your train the more you can have the materials to increase your barn. The only thing that keeps me on hold is nail...

    Hope this idea will help. Good Luck.

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