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Thread: Cancelling multiple community buildings on your land

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    lol hst= having said that.
    oha + thanks! (really not obvious for a foreigner)

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    I agree with pretty much everything in this thread! I'm at level 101 and been in the game for over a year and I became a "victim" 🤪 of having numerous constructions underway in Town and Zoo when the Supposedly Helpful "Tool Exchange" came into play. I'm still a few Community Buildings away from being "caught up" and it's really stretching My patience but I am still plugging along for My Town. That said however; I am so Frustrated because I have NOT been able to finish even One of Many Zoo Enclosures!! I still have a lovely bunch of animals that live in a Book! I have never seen the supposedly reduced costs or the other helpful things to compensate us to poor💸💸Mayors. If they did make those adjustments I personally have Not noticed. Either way I still plead for the developers to make better adjustments.
    I, and a lot of people, ignore the zoo for now, it really is too hard to build both town and zoo enclosures at the same time. I treat the zoo as my reward for getting all the community buildings built. Unfortunately, I didnt decide to ignore the zoo until I learned here in the forum just how hard it is. I completed many enclosures and started others while truly being stalled in my town because I did not understand what and what not to do. Since I upgraded my trains and started concentrating on one CB at a time (since the end of November) I have completed 3 of the 5 CBs I had started and will wait to start the pool hall until the last 2 are done. I dont even fill baskets in the zoo or ask my neighbors to do them, it will not take any resources from me until my town is completed. Realizing all this took me from ready to quit after 19 months to really enjoying playing again! Just be patient and focus on one thing at a time, it works!
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    oha + thanks! (really not obvious for a foreigner)
    but now that you've learned about it, you'll see it all over the place and wonder how you missed it before (because that's what happens to me every time I'm introduced to new acronyms).😀 yw

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