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Thread: Flying Saucer

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    Flying Saucer

    How do I get the flying saucer? I have the skin for it but not the flying saucer.

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    Hi, the flying saucer was offered during the Professor Verne experiment (same as the helipad skin), but was only available with the purchase of the gold pass.

    If you had the gold pass and believe you have the saucer skin, you need to click on your helipad, click the top left corner, and switch to the saucer skin for the helicopter.
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    I have the skin, but the the flying saucer doesn't show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marna_ex View Post
    I have the skin, but the the flying saucer doesn't show.
    You're going to have to define "doesn't show" with more detail.

    Do you see this screen when you try the various skins?


    If you do, did you tap on the UFO and hit the "Use" button?

    If you've done all that, does your helipad look like this or does it still show the old helicopter?


    This will help identify exactly what is not working for you.

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