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Thread: Favorable voyage booster

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    Favorable voyage booster

    I've never used this booster before but I've decided to use it today. Can some tell me how it would work on helping a person get anymore items then just 3 or is that just the max? I need to collect 22 bananas and I can't see how using my booster with any ingots are going to help me get any more bananas

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    This particular booster only affects the probability to get more of the second and third items. The first item is guaranteed to get back a maximum of three with each trip, from all ships, regardless if you send ingots or not.

    Since we don't always get the 2nd and 3rd items, and not always in the same numbers, we can only get the maximum of three of each if we send a platinum ingot (for the 3rd item for example). By using the booster, we can send a gold ingot instead, and will have the same effect as the platinum one.

    Even if you send ingots, or use any kind of boosters, the maximum is still 3 for all items, so in your case, you can't bring back more than 12 bananas at once, provided you use 4 ships.
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