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Thread: Maximum score in Regatta (Golden League)?

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    Maximum score in Regatta (Golden League)?

    Hi, I'm a fairly new player and joined a new co-op that has risen such that we are now in our 2nd week in the Golden League. I've been impressed with how competitive it is!

    One team in particular is taking first with a performance I find amazing, so amazing I wanted to ask about it here to see if anyone can give any insights. We have 16 players participating in this week's competition. The team that is in first has achieved a score of 36,481.

    Not only that, but they had arrived at ~98% of that number a couple days ago, with just a few final tasks trickling in through yesterday (they reached what I guess is their final total at least a day ago).

    Now, the math. With 16 players this works out to a total of just over 2280 points per player. By contrast 16 X 135 = 2160. Someone who did only relay tasks for 145 points (which is conceivable) could hit 2320 points, though someone would have to do the initial relays at 130/135/140 points.

    So I think it is conceivable for a team to reach this score, but only just barely. They would have to restrict themselves to solely relay tasks. But what amazes me is that they'd have to have the entire team do all 3 tasks very, very quickly. (My impression is we can only have 3 relay tasks out of the dozen at a time. Is this wrong?)

    You'd have to do the tasks in roughly an hour, average, per team member, allowing for a little inevitable downtime between players picking a finished relay task, so that you could cycle to a new set of 3 roughly every day to get 16 done in the 6 day competition. And this team was even faster than that.

    So the only way I can see a team getting this kind of score is to be extremely organized, and rapidly dump tasks until they get 3 relays that can all be done very quickly (house of luck or mining for example), with every single player having the reserves of mining equipment and tokens to keep up the pace and not sit for hours on a task. If this is what they've done I'm super impressed. But is there a more mundane explanation?

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    Congratulations on getting to gold league! I'm not sure what answer you are looking for, teams are very competitive! If your competition are only doing relay tasks, each task is worth 2290 for 16 players. Most competitive teams will be done by Thursday night/Friday morning. If they are organized & can afford to refresh tasks quickly they can finish faster. Helicopter & mining tasks are best. But with boosters, crops can also be very efficient! Production tasks that ask for 8 or 9 items are awesome! If you do a search for production tasks on the forum you may be able to find some great lists. Good luck & keep racing!

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    Thanks, that pretty well confirms what I was thinking.

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