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Thread: The spacious railways is on!

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    The spacious railways is on!

    Spacious railways is now on, and trains will bring twice as much materials!

    What is your current goal / destination for which you will use the extra materials?

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    Thank you for starting this thread Ruud!

    Well I really want barn materials and mining tools I am busy building the Space Port atm and it is requesting building materials at present. Making it excellent timing for the Spacious Railways offer/event for me.

    I also need to build my building and land expansion tools back up. Ready in case we get new buildings and space in the next update. It's great I currently have a use for everything the trains bring.

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    I was glad to see this event, I really need bricks and power saws and its helping a lot!

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    I don’t particularly need anything at the moment, though that will change.
    However I think we can never have too many of anything.

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    I also hope for mine tools and Barn upgrade materials. My rocket is almost ready but there is no priority.

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    Thanks for posting the info in this thread, Ruud

    I hope for barn tools instead of slabs and bricks.

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    I want land expansion tools (hint, hint )

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    Barn and mining tools.
    My train upgrade is finished (time part) and I try to catch all trains over the day.
    I`ve noticed that plain and lucky chest are richer then usual as well. I got 2 pieces of red paint in both. Perhaps just coincidence?
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    This is Awesome! I have 3 land expansions clearing right now, and I only need 25 more bricks to complete my arctic wolf enclosure. More treats like this please Playrix! =D
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    Please come see them! :-)

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