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Thread: Functional bridges

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    Functional bridges

    Hello to all!

    Does anyone know if there are functional bridges that cars can drive over so you don’t have to change the water to solid ground?

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    Hi Rosa welcome to the forum No there are no functional bridges in township. It is on the:

    list of ideas that cannot be implemented now or ever

    by Playrix.

    They have however indeed implemented ideas from this very list, so who knows. I have heard no news that this is an idea they intend to introduce in the near future though I am not that tech savvy, but suspect this idea may be to complicated for them to put the resources it would require into it.

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    You can build functional bridges over water just by drawing the road or paving across it. We don't need to change the space to land first.

    The software handles paving/roads differently from decorations. We can place buildings or decorations on paving and the animated characters walk or drive on paving. In contrast, the animated characters can't be in the same space as a decoration. I think they are trying to avoid software overload.

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