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Thread: Too few ducks with banana bread.

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    Too few ducks with banana bread.

    Okay, I think it is odd that we feed wild birds bread products (as that is not good at all for real wild birds); but I do what I have to do to get the feathers. However, I am growing increasingly frustrated that the vast majority of the time--at least 90% of it, I would say, I get only two ducks with banana bread. Personally, given the time and or coins invested in banana bread, we should always get at least three at the feeder. I have fed them bagels, and french bread, trying to see if that makes a difference/changes an algorithm ; but nope! I feed them banana bread; and, once again two lousy ducks!

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    Yes I have noticed that as well.
    Although I do get 4 often, I find if I need feathers fir a plane or a regatta task, it will be just 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuddz View Post
    .....Although I do get 4 often, I find if I need feathers fir a plane or a regatta task, it will be just 2
    Lol, so true Cuddz

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    Yes, they changed it. I always feed only banana bread and rarely get 4 ducks anymore. I think I started noticing it around level 80.

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    This is a very unfair practice especially since the plane asks for 10-12 feathers or more per crate. If we only get 2 ducks, it makes it very hard to accumulate 30+ feathers in 5 hours

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    I noticed that too, but recently, that is perhaps last 2 month. Until then I usually get 3, but now mostly 2. But I got more coloured feathers than before. The same is with otters, since they were introduced feeding them with fish is not any more so productive. I buy banana bread but fish I brought from islands.
    I would prefer that they change this rule to one that we have for other animals, so you always now what you got.

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    I noticed this too a while ago ... but back then I thought maybe it was because I barely used the duck feeder for it to be significant. But I guess others are also facing this issue.

    At risk of sounding like a cynic, I'm not at all surprised if this was a deliberate tweak to reduce the chances of getting 4 ducks (and having coloured feathers). Ultimately, if there is a plane to fill, perhaps the intention is to nudge players into spending some T-cash or coupons to fill crates up without going through all that hassle.

    And yes I do agree it is quite tedious to prepare so much banana bread just to get minimal feathers. I usually do them before bed time so that it doesn't clog up my bakery during the day. But even then, this means having to pre-prepare the banana, the butter etc. Especially banana, where it's a 9-hour wait to get them from the islands. You have to either plan in advance for banana bread (-> feathers), or you simply have to keep a certain number stocked up to prepare for planes.

    Thus I generally skip planes that ask for feathers. If I get train crates then I have no choice but to fill them.

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    I'm glad to see others bring this up. I only recently returned to the game. Got four ducks the first time, and have not seen 4 again in two weeks. I've fed them banana bread after banana bread to no avail.

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    Oh yeah, they did change it in this year. On windows I get way more feathers. Bagels almost always get me 2, so I am always using them after a train request. Banana is only neccesary for planes there, since it gives 3 on average, but get 4 quite often. On android 80% of the time bagels give me one duck -_-. Not to mention that on windows you can still get a colorful with a bread! While on android even with a bagel I only get colorful, if it's only one duck... It was already pretty bs that it was random and planes asked for 24-39 and now this. I feel like the only solution is having a big barn so you can store more. Use bread and bagel to fill up, buy on the market. But that only works at higher level, at lower level with 1 duck feeder and a smaller barn it's a joke.

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    It started when those dang otters showed up! Used to get 4 ducks more often than not and ever since the otters showed up I get two every time. I can't keep up with the banana bread! I passed level 80 ages and ages ago so to me that doesn't make sense but it might for other people. I just felt it was, coincidentally, right around when the otters arrived although they have no impact on the ducks. Or do they? 🤔

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